Status: Species: Common Name: Last Update:

Offline Acris crepitans Northern cricket frog -----
Offline Acris gryllus Southern Cricket Frog -----
Offline Agalychnis callidryas Red-eyed treefrog -----
Offline Anotheca spinosa Spiny-headed treefrog -----
Offline Cyclorana platycephala Water-holding frog -----
Offline Duellmanohyla uranochroa Red-Eyed Stream Frog -----
Offline Gastrotheca riobambae Riobamba marsupial frog -----
Offline Hemiphractus proboscideus Sumaco horned treefrog -----
Offline Hyla andersonii Pine Barrens Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla arborea European treefrog -----
Offline Hyla arenicolor Canyon Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla avivoca Bird-Voiced Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla chrysoscelis Cope’s gray treefrog -----
Offline Hyla cinerea Green Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla eximia Mountain Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla femoralis Pine Woods Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla gratiosa Barking Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla hallowellii Hallowell's Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla japonica Japanese Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla leucophyllata Hourglass treefrog -----
Offline Hyla meridionalis Mediterranean Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla miliaria Fringe-Limbed Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla pseudopuma Meadow Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla rosenbergi Rosenberg’s treefrog -----
Offline Hyla sarda Sardinian Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla savignyi Lemon-Yellow Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla squirella Squirrel Treefrog -----
Offline Hyla versicolor Northern Gray Treefrog -----
Offline Litoria aurea Green And Golden Bell Frog -----
Offline Litoria bicolor Northern Dwarf Treefrog -----
Offline Litoria caerulea Green treefrog -----
Offline Litoria nasuta Rocket frog -----
Offline Osteocephalus taurinus Manaus slender-legged treefrog -----
Offline Osteopilus septentrionalis Cuban treefrog -----
Offline Phyllomedusa vaillanti White-lined treefrog -----
Offline Plectrohyla hartwegi Hartweg’s spike-thumbed frog -----
Offline Pseudacris brachyphona Mountain Chorus Frog -----
Offline Pseudacris brimleyi Brimley's Chorus Frog -----
Online Pseudacris cadaverina California Treefrog 10 May 2013
Online Pseudacris clarki Spotted Chorus Frog 11 May 2013
Offline Pseudacris crucifer Spring Peeper -----
Offline Pseudacris feriarum Southeastern Chorus Frog -----
Offline Pseudacris illinoensis Illinois Chorus Frog -----
Offline Pseudacris maculata Boreal Chorus Frog -----
Offline Pseudacris nigrita Southern Chorus Frog -----
Offline Pseudacris ocularis Little Grass Frog -----
Offline Pseudacris ornata Ornate Chorus Frog -----
Online Pseudacris regilla Pacific Tree Frog 31 Jan 2004
Offline Pseudacris streckeri Strecker's Chorus Frog -----
Offline Pseudacris triseriata Chorus frog -----
Offline Pternohyla fodiens Lowland Burrowing Treefrog -----
Offline Scarthyla goinorum Amazonian skittering frog -----
Offline Smilisca baudinii Mexican Treefrog -----
Offline Triprion petasatus Yucatecan shovel-headed treefrog -----

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