Family Allophrynidae
Turkeit Hill Frogs
Family Arthroleptidae
Screeching Frogs
Family Ascaphidae
Tailed Frogs
Family Astylosternidae
Hairy Frogs
Family Bombinatoridae
Firebelly Toads
Family Brachycephalidae
Saddleback Toads
Family Bufonidae
Family Centrolenidae
Glass Frogs
Family Dendrobatidae
Poison Frogs
Family Discoglossidae
Painted Frogs
Family Heleophrynidae
Ghost Frogs
Family Hemisotidae
Shovel-nosed frogs
Family Hylidae
Family Hyperoliidae
African Reed Frogs
Family Leiopelmatidae
New Zealand Frogs
Family Leptodactylidae
Tropical Frogs
Family Limnodynastidae
Australian ground frogs
Family Megophryidae
Asian Toads
Family Microhylidae
Narrowmouth Toads
Family Myobatrachidae
Australian Froglets
Family Pelobatidae
Spadefoot Toads
Family Pelodytidae
Parsley Frogs & Mud Divers
Family Petropedetidae
Family Pipidae
Clawed Frogs
Family Pseudidae
Harlequin Frogs
Family Ranidae
True Frogs
Family Rhacophoridae
Flying Frogs
Family Rhinodermatidae
Vocal sac-brooding frogs
Family Rhinophrynidae
Mexican Burrowing Toads
Family Scaphiophrynidae
Madagascaran toadlets
Family Sooglossidae
Seychelles Frogs

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