Status: Species: Common Name: Last Update:

Offline Acanthixalus spinosus African wart frog -----
Offline Afrixalus aureus Golden Dwarf Reed Frog -----
Offline Afrixalus fornasinii Greater leaf-folding frog -----
Offline Heterixalus betsileo Betsileo reed frog -----
Offline Hyperolius marmoratus Northern Painted Reed Frog -----
Offline Hyperolius nasutus Sharp-nosed reed frog -----
Offline Hyperolius viridiflavus Painted reed frog -----
Offline Kassina senegalensis Bubbling kassina -----
Offline Leptopelis bufonides Toad-like treefrog -----
Offline Leptopelis macrotis Big-eared forest treefrog -----
Offline Tachycnemis seychellensis Seychelles treefrog -----

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