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Offline Anodonthyla boulengerii Boulengerís climbing frog -----
Offline Asterophrys turpicola New Guinea bush frog -----
Offline Austrochaperina fryi Fryís whistling frog -----
Offline Breviceps adspersus Bushveld rain frog -----
Offline Callulops robustus Boulengerís callulops frog -----
Offline Chaperina fusca Saffron-bellied frog -----
Offline Cophixalus riparius Wilhelm rainforest frog -----
Offline Gastrophryne carolinensis Eastern narrow-mouthed toad -----
Offline Gastrophryne elegans Elegant Narrow-Mouthed Toad -----
Offline Gastrophryne olivacea Great Plains Narrow-Mouthed Toad -----
Offline Gastrophryne pictiventris Southern Narrow-Mouthed Toad -----
Offline Gastrophryne usta Two-Spaded Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Hamptophryne boliviana Bolivian bleating frog -----
Offline Hypopachus variolosus Sheep Frog -----
Offline Kalophrynus pleurostigma Black-Spotted Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Kaloula baleata Smooth-Fingered Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Kaloula conjuncta Truncate-Toed Chorus Frog -----
Offline Kaloula kokacii Catanduanes Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Kaloula picta Slender-Digit Chorus Frog -----
Offline Kaloula pulchra Malaysian painted frog -----
Offline Kaloula rigida Luzon Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Microhyla berdmorei Answering Frog -----
Offline Microhyla karunaratnei Karunaratne's Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Microhyla ornata Ornate narrow-mouthed frog -----
Offline Microhyla zeylanica Sri Lankan Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Oreophryne anulata Montane Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Oreophryne nana Camiguin Narrow-Mouthed Frog -----
Offline Otophryne pyburni Pyburnís pancake frog -----
Offline Phrynomantis bifasciatus Banded rubber frog -----
Offline Phrynomerus bifasciatus Red Banded Rubber Frog -----
Offline Ramanella obscura Grey-Brown Pug-Snouted Frog -----
Offline Ramanella palmata Half-Webbed Pug-Snouted Frog -----
Offline Sphenophryne cornuta Horned land frog -----
Offline Synapturanus salseri Timbo disc frog -----

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