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Offline Cryptoblepharus poecilopleurus Snake-Eyed Skink -----
Offline Egernia major Land Mullet -----
Offline Emoia cyanura Copper-Tailed Skink -----
Offline Emoia impar Azure-Tailed Skink -----
Offline Eumeces fasciatus Five-Lined Skink -----
Offline Eumeces gilberti Gilbert's Skink -----
Offline Eumeces inexpectatus Southeastern Five-Lined Skink -----
Offline Eumeces laticeps Broad-Headed Skink -----
Offline Eumeces obsoletus Great Plains Skink -----
Offline Lampropholis delicata Metallic Skink -----
Offline Lipinia noctua Moth Skink -----
Offline Riopa fernandii Fire Skink -----
Offline Tiliqua scincoides Blue-Tongued Skink -----

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