Family Acrochordidae
File Snakes
Family Agamidae
Family Amphisbaenidae
Worm Lizards
Family Anguidae
Glass & Alligator Lizards
Family Aniliidae
Pipe Snakes
Family Anniellidae
American Legless Lizards
Family Anomalepididae
Dawn Blind Snakes
Family Anomochilidae
Dwarf Pipe Snakes
Family Atractaspididae
Mole Vipers
Family Bipedidae
Two-legged Worm Lizards
Family Boidae
Boas & Pythons
Family Bolyeriidae
Round Island Boas
Family Chamaeleontidae
Family Colubridae
Family Cordylidae
Spinytail Lizards
Family Cylindrophiidae
Asian Pipe Snakes
Family Dibamidae
Blind Lizards
Family Elapidae
Cobras, Kraits & Coral Snakes
Family Gekkonidae
Family Gerrhosauridae
Plated Lizards
Family Gymnophthalmidae
Spectacled Lizards
Family Helodermatidae
Gila Monsters
Family Hydrophiidae
Sea Snakes
Family Iguanidae
Iguanas & Spinytail Iguanas
Family Lacertidae
Lacertids & Wall Lizards
Family Lanthanotidae
Earless Monitor Lizards
Family Leptotyphlopidae
Slender Blind Snakes
Family Loxocemidae
Mexican Burrowing Pythons
Family Pygopodidae
Legless Lizards
Family Scincidae
Family Teiidae
Whiptails & Tegus
Family Trogonophidae
Shorthead Worm Lizards
Family Tropidophiidae
Family Typhlopidae
Blind Snakes
Family Uropeltidae
Shield-tail Snakes
Family Varanidae
Monitor Lizards
Family Viperidae
Vipers & Pit Vipers
Family Xantusiidae
Night Lizards
Family Xenopeltidae
Sunbeam Snakes
Family Xenosauridae
Knob-scaled Lizards

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